Sawzall 10T 6Lg Ice Hardened 5Pk

The Torch™ metal-cutting blades with the Double Duty Upgrade™ feature a tooth form optimized for the longest life and maximum durability. Tough Neck™ is engineered to protect against tang breakage and delivers the strongest SAWZALL® blade tang on the market. Grid Iron™ features a stamped honeycomb pattern throughout the body of the blade that greatly increases the rigidity of the blade, making it the stiffest metal cutting SAWZALL® blade on the market. Ice Hardened blades are cryogenically treated for up to 50% longer life. These blades are ideal for making tough, straight cuts.

  • Cryogenic heat treat process improves hardness and wear resistance
  • Precision-ground teeth for optimized metal cutting
  • Radiused back face for increased tool strength, faster cuts, longer blade life
  • Positive rake on cutting edges removes chips
  • Six-inch Sawzall blade has 10 TPI and is sold in a pack of five
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