Spectra® Safety Treads

  • Extruded aluminum base—abrasive filler
  • Lengths to order, up to 10′-0″ max. in one piece.
  • Anti-slip abrasive extending over radius of nose
  • High content of aluminum oxide abrasive
  • 18 standard colors
  • “Clean” architectural lines
  • Protective tape available
  • Non-combustible


  • Nosing base to be type 6063-T5 extruded aluminum.
  • Anti-slip filler shall contain not less than 60% virgin grain
    Aluminum Oxide (AL2O3) abrasive
  • Binder is to be fully-cured resilient type epoxy; epoxy binder to filler
    ratio to be 13% minimum for improved cleanability.
  • Epoxy/Abrasive filler shall extend over the curved front edge of nosing
    and shall be securely bonded to the aluminum base.
  • Type of anchor shall be as specified.
  • Nosings shall terminate not more than 4″ from ends of steps for poured
    concrete stairs; for concrete filled steel pan stairs, nosings shall be full length
    of steps less 1/8″ clearance.
  • Color shall extend uniformly throughout the filler; black color will be furnished
    if no other color is specified.
  • NOTE: Safety nosings going into new poured concrete or cement fill shall
    be installed before “Initial Set” of the concrete or cement occurs.
    Nosings shall finish flush with the top of the traffic surface.