MasterEmaco N 427

MasterEmaco N 427

Smooth-textured patching mortar for architectural concrete

Formerly: Emaco R 400 Architectural


How does MasterEmaco N 427 work?

MasterEmaco N 427 is low-slump, fast setting, portland cement-based, multi-purpose smooth repair mortar for detailed fine architectural work. It does not require the use of forms or multilayered casting techniques.

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Vertical and overhead
  • Non-traffic-bearing horizontal
  • Above and below grade
  • Spalls or holes in concrete
  • Deteriorated edges

What are the unique features of MasterEmaco N 427?

  • Non-sag consistency able to be placed in 1″ (25 mm) thick lifts
  • Smooth consistency blends with smooth textured concrete surfaces
  • Light gray color blends with most standard concrete surfaces
  • Only requires the addition of potable water

What are the benefits of MasterEmaco N 427?

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