Scale Master


91 built in scales, 50 imperial (feet and inch), and 41 metric, for architectual, engineering, and map scaling. 8 custom scales, store and recall length, width and height values. Autocount value lets you know how many times a specific distance has been rolled. Perfect for counting studs. Provides all the most needed dimensional units. Built in memory, metric mode, subtract, and optional PC mode. Boxed. No. 6135: Length: 7.2”, Breadth: 1.6”, Thickness: 0.6”

  • 91 Built-in scales for more versatility, 50 imperial (feet-Inch) and 41 metric
  • 10 Custom Scales, 3 each for imperial and metric units, lets you “roll” or define any scale from plans that are out-of-scale. Permanently store new scale for future use.
  • Constant (+K) allows you to add/subtract a constant value to a distance measured for take-outs and add-ons. Calculate area, volume, height, length, width for imperial/metric units
  • Built-in Auto Counter to count how many times a pre-set distance has been rolled. Manual Count while rolling for studs, outlets, or other items. Subtract function to remove the last distance measured.
  • Includes 2 long-life 3-volt batteries, hard cover protective case, English User Guide, Optional PC Interface Cable Available for PC Port
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