SuperTie™ Smooth Rod Accessories

SpreaderClip™ (.308” & .5”) SC6000 & SC15000

The SpreaderClip™ is an internal form spreading mechanism facilitating .308” or 0.50” RJD Fiberglass Rod cut to exact wall width.

WaterStop™ (.308”, .5”, 1”)

WaterStop™ is used when specifications require a waterstop washer. Although this WaterStop device is made available, certified tests show that SuperTie™ performs equally well with or without WaterStop.

SuperTie™ Bearing Plate BP615

The bearing plate is a required component with the SuperTie Gripper. BP615 is a 4”x4” steel plate and fits the 6K and 15K systems. G50K comes with customized bearing (call for details).

SuperTie™ G50K Jacking Device™

Used with the SuperTie™ 50K heavy-duty system, the Jacking Device™ produces the substantial pressure required to draw the opposing sides of heavy-duty forms closer together.