SuperTie™ 50K (1” Rod) G50K

SuperTie™ 50K Patented Gripper System is the fiberglass form tie system for heavy large crane set gang forms. It is compatible with commercial-grade steel, aluminum, and heavy-wooden-beam, job-built forms. It provides 50,000 pounds ultimate tensile strength and requires less staging and manpower.

Superior Finishes

Superior architectural finishes, without patches or rust.

No Corrosion

The fiberglass form tie material cannot rust, eliminating the need to have a breakback, and subsequent plugging and patching to forestall rust.


Certified testing and actual experience show the cast- in- place form tie material to be watertight to up to 480’ H2O (208 psig).

Natural Insulator

The form tie material is electromagnetically transparent, is an electrical insulator, will not promulgate radio frequency energy, and shields nuclear energy.

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R50/20G 1.0″ dia. Rod, 20 ft. lengths, gray 7 per bundle 88 lbs.
G50K Gripper with Plate (varies) 11 lbs/ea
SH505 Shim (for battered walls) 25 per box 25 lbs.
JD50K Jacking Device 1 per box 12 lbs.
WS50K WaterStop Washer 100 per box 3 lbs.
GripperService Maintenance of Grippers each n/a
GMK50K Gripper Maintenance Kit 1 each 5 lbs.