Space Age Concrete Curing Blankets

Curelap – Poly Coated Burlap: Space Age technology combines poly and burlap to give you a summer concrete curing blanket. Midco Burlap Blankets are a combination of 10 oz. burlap and 5 mil white opaque poly. The 5 mil polyethylene is extruded onto the 10-ounce burlap. The result is a lightweight summer curing blanket that can be used over and over again. The burlap layer distributes the water evenly over the covered surface, while the white opaque poly reflects the intense rays of the sun. In this way, the concrete is allowed to cure… perfectly.

Midco Burlap Blankets need no rewetting, no resealing and can be used over and over again. After each use, expose burlap side to the sun or air. In this way, the burlap will dry and be ready to use again quickly.

Blankets available in the following widths: 3 1/2’, 5’, 6 2/3’, 8 1/3’, 10’, 13 1/2’, 15’, 16 2/3’, 20’. Less seaming allowances of 2” per seam. Meets state specifications and A.A.S.H.T.O – M182 Class II.