Concrete Curing Blanket

Grip-Rite concrete curing blankets have the cold weather cure for your climate, your jobsite needs, and your budget

Product Features:

  • Grip-Rite concrete curing blankets provide proven jobsite performance in maintaining heat of hydration, particularly during the critical early stages of concrete curing
  • Available in three styles, Grip-Rite is the only blanket on the market with a low 0.87 Perm rating, providing superior vapor block during curing
  • Each blanket individually wrapped in weather resistant poly tarp and secured with banding
  • These blankets stack, ship and store better than any blanket on the market
  • Foam blankets: Z-folded and packed 2 per bale
  • Bubble blankets: Rolled and packed 1 per bale
  • Black polyethylene top and red or silver polyethylene bottom (not aluminized)
  • Logo printing and custom colors available
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