DECK-O-SEAL 150 – Two-Part Pourable Joint Sealant

DECK-O-SEAL 150 two-part, pourable joint sealant is a self-leveling, polysulfide-based sealing compound. DECK-O-SEAL 150 is a nonstaining sealant which cures to a firm, flexible, tear-resistant rubber. It is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics even after extended periods of compression or elongation. DECK-O-SEAL 150 has outstanding resistance to most chemicals, to all weather conditions, aging, and shrinkage. For on-the-job use, DECK-OSEAL 150 is supplied in 96 oz. (2.84 liter), premeasured kits consisting of the base compound and a separate container of setting agent. There is enough room in the base container for introduction and mixing of the setting agent.

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