Miraclebond 1350 9 oz W/Nozzle

Miracle Bond 1350 is a two-component, high strength, high modulus, moisture insensitive, non-sag, ceramic blend epoxy system.  It’s ideal for use as a bonding agent for almost any material, including metal, concrete, brick, wood, stone, block and other substrates.

General Uses

  • Repairing holes and spalls in concrete
  • Repairing rotted wood
  • Bonding fresh concrete to hardened concrete
  • Bonding hardened concrete to hardened concrete
  • Capping paste sealer around ports and cracks for crack injection process
  • Non-sag patching material for cracks and small spalls
  • Bonds to a multitude of substrates

Advantages and Features

  • Non-sag, high strength epoxy makes it great for overhead and vertical repair
  • Easy to use (1:1 ratio) system
  • 100% solids, solvent free system means low VOC content
  • Moisture insensitive system-can be used on damp surface
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